Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga Program

Our therapeutic yoga program is ideal for clients living with chronic conditions, pain or limited mobility. It is a gentle and intelligent introduction to the practice of yoga in a way that is respectful and appropriate for each body and situation and will help you to actively heal and re-educate your body in daily movement and positioning.

Each 8-week session gradually builds postural alignment and stress management skills, including traditional yoga techniques such as breathing, meditation and gentle exercises to awaken a sense of aliveness and well-being. Using supports of chair, wall, floor, pillows, cushions and other aids, this program bridges students' yogic practice from a therapeutic approach to the more general open-level yoga classes we offer. Therapeutic yoga classes are small enough to allow for personalized care and are led by experienced yoga instructors with additional training and unique understanding of anatomy and appropriate posture modifications for specific pathologies and individual needs.

An initial assessment is an essential part of effective admission procedures for our Therapeutic Yoga Program as it is a forum for our greater understanding of how to attend your needs appropriately, safely and with maximized comfort. Initial assessment of each new therapeutic yoga student helps our teachers to consider the student’s specific needs in an effective and informed manner and to strategize opportunities for personalized instruction.

Pre-registration is required for all therapeutic yoga programs.

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